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Is it for me?

Deporvillage Transpyr Coast to Coast is for you if you train regularly and get your physical and mental preparation right.

Participants must be able to achieve an average speed of no less than 10 km/hour on each stage.

Deporvillage Transpyr Coast to Coast Gran Raid MTB consists of 7 stages with a distance of 750 km and almost 18,000 m of accumulated altitude gain, which means a daily average of 105 km and around 2,500 m of accumulated altitude gain.

What does registration include?


  • Track Transpyr Gran Raid MTB.
  • Route book with maps and stage profiles.
  • Participating gift.
  • Food and beverage stations during the stage and at each arrival
  • Pasta party and informative meetings prior to each stage.
  • Route check points.
  • Timed sectors, with scored time information.
  • Classifications and awards or distinctions
  • Medical assistance and rescue during the stage.
  • Compulsory insurance.
  • Bicycle wash point at the end of each stage.
  • Transpyr Bag to transport the personal luggage (maximum load of 20 kg).
  • Transfer of the Transpyr Bag from accommodation to accommodation, limited to the town center of the stage town.
  • Transfer of personal bag until the last stage (see conditions)
  • Transpyr Gran Raid MTB jersey
  • Finisher Distinction (reserved for those who complete the seven-stage route within the established time).


Where can I stay?

The booking of accommodation is the responsibility of the participant, but we make it very easy for you.

You can book it on your own at each stage point, you can travel by campervan or you can hire the PACK HOTEL  offered by VALUA TRAVEL with different options.

Accommodation is not included in the registration fee.

How does the luggage transfer work?

The organisation will give you a bag during the accreditation so that you can put all your belongings in it.

This Transpyr bag will be delivered every day to your accommodation (as long as it is within the urban centre of the stage point).

If you wish, we can send the bag to your home before the accreditation so that you can organise yourself better!
The bag cannot weigh more than 20 kg.

What about meals?

Breakfast is the responsibility of the participant, although it is included in the hotel packs.

During the route, the organization will provide solid and liquid refreshment posts. One of the refreshment posts serves a lunch based on rice or pasta. At the end of the route there is another light refreshment post.

The registration also includes a carbohydrate-based meal, at sunset, before each stage.

It is recommended to take some kind of energy supplement and to start the stage with at least one litre of drink

What about transport?

If you wish to return home from Saint Jean de Luz:

Once you have finished the Transpyr Coast to Coast, a shuttle bus will take you back (departure the morning after your arrival in Roses).

Approx. price: 100 €.

If you transport your bike in a bike box, we can store it safely.

Price approx.: 50 €.

You can leave your vehicle in a car park (not guarded) in Saint Jean de Luz.


If you wish to return home from Roses or Barcelona:

A shuttle bus is available to Barcelona after the final stage in Roses.

Price approx.: 100 €.

We can take the luggage you don’t need and your bike box to the final stage.

Precio aprox.: 50 €

Do I have to contract a health insurance?

No. The Compulsory Sports Insurance is included in the participant pack. However, each participant is free to take out and use other complementary insurance if they wish.

A medical assistance service is present along the route. Its mission is to attend to injured or injured persons DURING THE ROUND OF EACH STAGE. Once the stage has finished, any participant requiring medical attention must be attended to by the public or private medical services of the municipality.

And about the necessary technical skill?

There are some moderately technical, and even difficult, sections, but they are the minority. In those occasions, you can get off the bike and, after a while, get back up. In general, Deporvillage Transpyr Gran Raid MTB has a high cyclability index.

Can I arrive the same day of departure?

No, accreditation and briefing are held the day before departure.

Can an underage participate?

No. Participation is reserved for people over 18 years old.

Is it necessary to hold a cycling license?

It is not necessary to be in possession of a cycling license.

Mandatory insurance is already included in the participating pack. If you think it’s necessary, you can book an additional insurance policy on your own to extend coverage.

What do I do with my suitcase on arrival?

Once your belongings have been transferred to the Transpyr Bag that we will give you in the accreditation, you can:

  • Leave your suitcase to family members, if they have accompanied you,
  • Leave it in your car, if you have come by car
  • Leave it with us, and we will transport it to you until the end of the event. In the latter case, the suitcase will be at the start or end town until the last day of the event, when we transport it to Roses so that you have it on the day of arrival. If for whatever reason you must leave the event in the middle of the tour you will have to go find your suitcase wherever you are.

The transfer of the bicycle chest / box to the destination of Transpyr Coast to Coast is an optional service to book.

You can also contract the shipment of the Transpyr Bag to your house before the race.

If we participate as a team and must stay together, why do we have to carry a GPS for each team member?

The reasons are several: One device can break in a fall, or it can stop working, or run out of battery, or the team may have to be separated due to force majeure.

In addition, we want to be able to verify the follow-up of the route individually, since FINISHER’s distinction is personal.

Which participant will be considered “Finisher”?

Participants who cover the route planned by the organization within the maximum hours set for, will be considered “Finishers” of  Deporvillage Transpyr Gran Raid MTB. The GPS track can be checked in case of doubt.

Is ignorance of GPS an important limitation?

Following a route through GPS is quite simple. Of course, you must be sure that the chosen device is suitable for the practice of mountain biking (it can be mounted on the handlebar and visualized well), it has enough memory to record a route of more than 100 km with records every 50 meters, and it has a battery capacity of more than 12 hours (and you carry replacement batteries).

Will there be mechanics and spare parts throughout and at the end of the stages?

In Deporvillage Transpyr Gran Raid MTB it is essential to avoid any mechanical setback. Participants can contract a mechanical service in advance to have the bikes checked at the end of each stage.

During the stages, it is not possible to assist the participants and the organization will not directly have anybody in this regard.

The organization guarantees the existence of bicycle cleaning points at the end of each stage, either with hoses or pressurized machines, as well as a small self-workshop space.

I plan to be accompanied by my family / friends. Can they be present in the different acts?

Of course!

Your friends and family will be able to attend the different events: departure and arrival, briefing, pasta party … For this purpose, we have created the Accompanying Pack.

It is a pack designed so that they can come to cheer you up and share the Deporvillage Transpyr Coast to Coast adventure, enjoying it to the fullest. This pack includes accreditation as a companion, a tourist dossier to discover the wonders of the Pyrenees, tickets for Pasta Party, parking in a reserved area (at some stage towns) and other accessories.

If your companions only come one day, you will have the option to buy the daily party pasta ticket.

The Accompanying Pack can be purchased through your private area or at the organization’s office (RACE OFFICE).

What weather conditions will we have?

Deporvillage Transpyr Coast to Coast takes place in June looking for maximum daylight and good weather. However, the meteorological difference in the Cantabrian and Mediterranean slopes and the altitude that will be reached at certain points of the route (maximum around 2000 m) must be considered, with the possibility of fast meteorological changes in mountainous environments.

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