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Seven stages of authentic MTB
Registration for teams of 2 riders

Teams of two riders can race Transpyr Gran Raid MTB.


Individuals can dispute The Transpyr MTB Solo

Transpyr WEST | Transpyr EAST
Transpyr WEST

4 stages from Vielha to Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Regulations: Participants will adhere to the regulations of Transpyr Gran Raid MTB.

Transpyr EAST

3 stages from Roses to Vielha

Regulations: Participants will adhere to the regulations of Transpyr Gran Raid MTB.

Electric bikes

E-Transpyr C2C has the same regulation as Transpyr Gran Raid MTB, with the following exceptions:

  1. Electric bicycles participating in E-Transpyr C2C must meet the following requirements:
  • Provide electric help only when pedaling. The installation of mechanisms that make the engine run without the movement of the bottom bracket by the cyclist is not allowed.
  • Maximum assisted speed: 25km / h. From this speed the electric aid is disconnected. The help button when walking is allowed. It is not allowed the installation of mechanisms that cancel the disconnection of the engine at 25km / h.
  • Maximum motor power: 250W.
  • Participants in E-Transpyr C2C may be required to pass technical checks prior to departure and upon arrival. Random checks might be performed by the organization.
  1. Charge: Since it is almost impossible to finish a stage with a single battery, the organization offers the option of charging and transferring batteries by contracting the E-TYR Service (*). With this service, the E-BIKER decides in which refreshment stations it wants to find the battery and the organization takes care of the loading and transfer during the 7 stages. In case of not contracting the E-TYR Service, the participant must organize the transfer of his battery throughout the event. The organization doesn’t offer a charging option during the route or the transfer for a single stage.
  1. Departure time: the organization may give the start of E-Transpyr C2C, before or after the other cyclists.
  1. Finisher recognition: Participants who complete the 7 stages within the established time, will obtain the E-Finisher recognition.

(*) E-TYR Service: This service is aimed at E-BIKERS who want to use an extra battery without having to carry it.

The service consists of:

– Before the race, the cyclist indicates in which food stations he wants to find his battery.

– During the accreditation, the participant delivers his/her battery/ies and the charging system.

– The organization is responsible for charging the replacement battery during the night and transporting it to the indicated food station

– At the end of the last of the 7 stages, the organization delivers the batteries and the charger to the E-Biker.

E-TYR service is for a maximum of 2 replacement batteries. The batteries and the charger must always be duly identified with the participant’s bib number.

The organization is responsible for the correct transfer to the different aid stations, but is not responsible for any possible damage or deterioration suffered during the different loads.

You can book the service in your participant area

Relay format

Transpyr Gran Raid MTB offers the possibility of living this unforgettable adventure in a relay format. In that modality, you can enjoy the changing landscapes of the Pyrenees and share the extraordinary mission coast to coast with your group of friends.

The teams may decide at each stage who starts in the first relay and who in the second. They must inform Race Office before departure.

Participants can choose in which of the three feeding stations to perform the relay, although it is advisable to do it in the second (accessibility with vehicle).

Participants are obliged to carry one geolocator booked at the race office and that will serve as a relief.

In addition to the geolocator, the GPS will also be passed to help the organization verify the route.

Each team is responsible for organizing the relay logistics on their own. The organization does not transport to the place of the relay or at the end of the stage.

Those enrolled in this modality will be subject to the regulations of Transpyr Gran Raid MTB.

Those enrolled in Transpyr Relay C2C do not qualify for the Finisher Transpyr Gran Raid MTB distinction.

Los inscritos en Transpyr Relay C2C no optan a la distinción Finisher Transpyr Gran Raid MTB.

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