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DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB race has a raid format with a combination of link sectors and timed sections.

In this format, participants are always subject to the traffic code and not respecting it may lead to direct disqualification. In timed sectors there will be open traffic duly controlled.


Racing Deporvillage Transpyr Gran Raid MTB

DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB is a team event. This is its philosophy, part of its essence and, in addition, an important factor in terms of safety. The participating teams can be divided into five categories (female, male, mixed, master, grand master). To open a category, there must be at least five pairs registered in that category.

There are trophy awards ceremonies each stage and at the end of the event.


Deporvillage Transpyr Gran Raid MTB Solo 

Designed for individual cyclists.

The three fastest cyclist man and woman will be awarded at the end of the seven stages.

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