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1. DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB – hereinafter referred to as TRANSPYR – is a sporting event, which consists of a personal challenge in the form of a mountain bike ‘raid’, in stages, between two seas along the Pyrenees mountain range. This event takes place, in general, along and through public roads and spaces, which are open to traffic, and are subject to the regulations of the different territories through which it passes.

2. TRANSPYR is celebrated under a RAID format that combines the link sectors – where ordinary circulation governs – with the timed sectors – where free speed governs.

3. You can participate in TRANSPYR in various modalities, but the classification dispute is reserved for teams of 2 people attending to reasons of security and philosophy of the event.

4. TRANSPYR will be run in various stages, which total to 750km of distance and over 18,000 meters of accumulated altitude gain.

5. TRANSPYR is a brand and sporting event belonging to ANAYET SPORT MARKETING, a trademark of ANAYET LATITUD NORTE S.L. which in turn depends on other entities and companies for the delivery of the event.


6. Participants must be over 18 years of age, as of the first day of the event. For the interpretation of all the regulations contained herewith, participants are defined as individual actors or team members, taking part in TRANSPYR.

7. Since the course of the test includes urban circulation and punctually on roads classified as different ranges, every participant, even without having a Driving License, is obliged to know the General Traffic Regulations regarding bicycle circulation.

8. The event organization will provide medical accident insurance and civil liability insurance, as required by law for this type of event, to any person registered for TRANSPYR. It also recommends that participants consider contracting private travel insurance to cover events or occurrences not covered by the aforementioned policy. For more information about coverage and activation of insurance, consult the relevant document in the Participants Area.

9. Participation in TRANSPYR, in the GRAND RAID MTB option (7 stages) will be undertaken individually (Deporvillage Transpyr Gran Raid MTB Solo), or by teams of 2 people (Deporvillage Transpyr Gran Raid MTB Team). In the case of team participation, no team composition changes can be made after the registration closes. During the event, changes in the composition of the team cannot take place except in a case in which one of the members of the team abandons, and the remaining member/members wish/wishes to continue. In the case of a participant wishing to continue individually, they must hire a geolocator which will be provided in Race Office, at a cost to be determined, covering the day of hiring until the last day of the event, keeping in mind that the race organization always recommends riding accompanied.

10. The members of each team must always ride together, maintaining visual contact between each other always. Otherwise, the organization, for security reasons, establishes a maximum time of 2 minutes of separation between the members of a team. In the case of individual participation, participants must be equipped with a geo-location device which the organization will provide, and must have it activated throughout the entire event.

11. Each participant must be in adequate physical form and bear the sole responsibility for their physical and mental conditions. Participation will be denied to anyone who suffers from an illness or disability which could put their own physical integrity or that of other participants at risk. To fulfil this, you must complete and submit the medical form available from the Participant Area, on registration day.

12. Participants must be able to ride at a minimum average speed of 10 km/hour for the entirety of the event (including stoppage time).

13. Every participant in TRANSPYR must complete the course by their own means, that is to say, by pedalling a bicycle, or carrying it, or walking next to it. Any external assistance to the team or individual which aids progress along the course, especially if it is mechanical or motorized, can lead to expulsion from the event. Pushing a participant along, if done so by members of their own team and helping with the carrying of a bicycle is accepted by the event organization.


14. It is mandatory to use a rigid helmet approved for the practice of cycling along the entire route. Failure to observe this rule will incur expulsion from the event.

15. All participants must use a mountain bike, in perfect condition for use. This mountain bike may have 26, 27.5, 27.5 plus or 29-inch wheels; rigid or double suspension but might not have any type of electric pedalling assistance, unless the riders are registered in E-Transpyr C2C. For security reasons the race organization may take a photograph of the serial numbers of each participant’s bicycle frame. Only in cases of force majeure will the organization authorize a change of bicycle used by a given participant, and this will be authorized only by the Sports Director.

 16. As long as it is not stated otherwise, each participant must always carry the following materials and accessories: a helmet approved for MTB; a GPS device with spare batteries or sufficient battery life to function across the whole stage; a mobile phone with sufficiently charged battery and credit to make calls; a thermal blanket (one per team is accepted), participant bib number with emergency telephone numbers, and half litre of drink. These contents may be checked for, at the discretion of the organization, especially at the start of each stage and possibly at random points, or timing checkpoints. There may be other material and equipment which the organization determines to be mandatory, for a specific stage and/or depending on currently unknown variables. In such cases, these will be communicated with sufficient advance notice. Complete information about mandatory and optional equipment will be available in the Participant Area.

 17. Each participant must carry a GPS device that works correctly and that allows the visualization of the GPS track provided by the organization while riding. The use of basic cartography is not mandatory, but it is recommended. The GPS device must be configured to record the route taken on each stage, with a minimum waypoint frequency of 50 meters, and have the sufficient battery autonomy to record the entire stage. This aspect is of paramount importance because the organization must be able to verify, at will, the exact following of the pre-established route by any participant.

18. It is mandatory to wear the supplied bib number or, if this is impossible, the registration number visible on the front of the bike or in a place determined by the organization. Only the bib given by the organization will be accepted and is not allowed any modification or manipulation of the bib.


19. The route of the event will total approximately 750km, total broken down into 7 stages with a cumulative elevation gain close to 18,000m. The event’s difficulty can be described as very high.

20. Distances and elevation gain may vary considerably due to last minute changes of routing motivated by reasons of force majeure or other reasons deemed necessary by the race organization. The distances and elevation gain of each day will be announced at the briefing, held on the day prior to each stage. The organization reserves the right to change the route of the event at any time.

21. The event will be undertaken by following a track specified by the event organization. The organization may, at its discretion, post signage in order to help participants remain safe, or to prevent accidents. In case  that the organization decides for some important reason to vary the initially planned route, or to eliminate any of the timed sections, it will formally communicate the route to be followed that will become the official one for that segment or part of the stage route. Also, in certain cases, it could happen that the organization decides to divert one or more participants from the planned route for some justified reason, and judging that there is no advantage for them, they will retain their option of TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB Finisher.

22. The route, and therefore the track file, is confidential until the start of the event or until shortly before the start of the event. The organization is not responsible if said route is followed outside of the dates of the organized event.

23. The organization will inform participants about how the track will be issued and distributed.

24. TRANSPYR 2021 travels through natural areas of great value, and it is mandatory to respect these natural environments. Travel along tracks and paths outside the planned route issued by the organization, as well as any environmentally detrimental behaviour or failure to follow the environmental instructions of the organization may lead to a penalty and even exclusion from the event, at the discretion of the organization. Environmental measures may include the need to temporarily dismount bicycles and travel by foot.

25. Whilst the event is subject to a diversity of laws and regulations, the participant accepts that as a general principle he or she must respect the traffic rules and the instructions from event staff, be they permanent staff or local collaborators, as well as any relevant forces of law and order. As such, any participant, being solely responsible for their imprudence or infractions, will completely exonerate the promoter and the event organization of any expenses, claims or damages caused by their actions.

26. Breaches of the French or Spanish traffic code or ignoring the instructions by the event organization will be considered a very serious infraction. The participant is obliged to know and comply, including those that refer to the equipment of the cyclist and his bicycle (lights, reflective material, etc.).

27. Likewise, the spaces and places through which the event travels, will be subject to their usual uses, which might be public, restricted or private, and which must be respected at all times by participants.

28. In general, the organization cannot attend, or be responsible for, any participant who circulates outside the specified route, provided by the event organization.


29. At any time, and at the discretion of the event organization, the organizers can check or validate the journey undertaken by any participant by checking the track log recorded on their GPS device. Therefore, all participants must accept the possibility that they may have to hand over their GPS device at any time. Failure to comply with this rule will be considered a serious fault.

30. The organization, in turn, reserves the right to register the model and serial number and / or to seal said GPS devices in order to ensure file validity, and the following of the specified route.

31. If a participant loses their GPS device or for any reason it does not record the trip undertaken, the team to which that participant belongs must be able to prove that the official route was followed by this participant, by means of the data from the official timing checkpoints. It is for this reason, that the use of a GPS device is required for each individual participant. In any case, the event organization will have the final word, as to whether this participant will remain in contention of becoming a FINISHER of TRANSPYR.


32. Participants of TRANSPYR 2021 must be at the starting point of the first stage on the eve of the departure to prove their registration and proceed to the checks prior to the start of the test. The time and place will be communicated by the organization. The organization may freely extend or change these schedules and days of accreditation.

33. The event officially ends on the day of the arrival of the seventh and final stage, at the time at which the finish line checkpoint is officially closed. The event organization reserves the right to change these times and locations.

34. The departure time of each stage will be established by the organization. The organization will establish specific for pre-stage controls prior to each start, to ensure compliance with the pre-established race schedule. During pre-race checks, the organization may review the mandatory equipment of each participant and deliver a personal route card, after signing-in the participant. The participant is responsible for knowing the departure time for each stage.

35. As the raid format of DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB, in general, participants will be exited through the staggered exit procedure, that is, by groups. The composition of each group – which bibs enter each group -, the number of cyclists that will compose it, and the interval between each group, will be decided by the organization for each particular stage and will be communicated on the eve of each stage. If there is an exception to this exit process, it will be communicated in advance to the participants.

36. The organization will establish multiple timing checkpoints along the route of each stage. There will usually be a timing checkpoint located alongside the refreshment stations. There may be supplementary checkpoints at other locations. The start and finish lines of each stage are also timing checkpoints.

37. The organization may establish a maximum time for the team passing each timing checkpoint. This maximum time of passage will be as flexible as possible. Participants who arrive outside the maximum time of passage established by the organization must follow the instructions of the Staff Closing Team. The organization can force the participants to get on the organization Broom Vehicle to go to the point of arrival of said stage, being able to start at the next stage but without opting to be FINISHER of TRANSPYR.

38. At the last checkpoint of each stage, for reasons of safety and logistics the cut-off time will be considered the closing time. Participants who arrive outside this cut-off time will be obliged to board the organisation Broom Wagon to be taken to the stage finish line. Riders will be able to take part in the subsequent stage but will not be accredited official FINISHER of TRANSPYR.

39. The event organization can establish a cut off time for arrival at the finish of each stage. Those participants who arrive after this time may continue the event but will not be eligible to be considered a FINISHER of TRANSPYR.

40. The organization will not be responsible for any participant who, once abandoned, decides, at their own risk, to continue following the planned route, or get to the finish line of the stage by any other means of transport.

41. The race organization staff charged with closing the race daily, or broom bikes, who will be made up of cyclists from the organization, will follow the last participants, along the same route, and essentially ride the maximum cut-off time established for each checkpoint. If it is the case that all the participants and the broom bikes arrive at a certain check point before the cut-off time, this checkpoint and all related equipment and supplies will be dismantled, and the event will continue its course.

42. In the event of an unplanned occurrence (such as a mechanical incident at the beginning of a stage) a participant may decide to let themselves be overtaken by the Broom Bikes. Such participants will be considered as outside of the race and will proceed at their own risk and liability. Should they recover, catch up, and prove able to comply with the cut-off times at official checkpoints, they will be re-entered in contention to be considered FINISHERS of TRANSPYR.

43. Before each stage, the organization will convene a very important technical meeting or briefing for the participants. Although the organization does not intend to force participants to be present, participants should consider these informative meetings as mandatory. The organization will not assume responsibilities for anything which could be derived from the non-attendance of participants at an informative briefing.


44. DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB is a challenge, undertaken on mountain bikes, in stages, in a ‘Raid’ format, where linked sectors are combined with timed sections, throughout each stage. The entrance to the timed sections will be made as the participants arrive, but always following the instructions that the timekeeper located in the place may have to communicate. The passage through the point of arrival of each timed section will be launched.

45. The location as well as the distance of the different timed sections present in each stage are established according to criteria relating to security and key characteristics along the route of each stage.

46. A system of penalties will be established which will be used to assess alleged breaches of the regulations, determining if a participant can continue to be eligible to be a FINISHER or continue taking part in TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB, depending on the severity or importance of breaches or faults.

47. The penalty table will be published sufficiently in advance of the beginning of the event, for it to be understood by all participants. In all cases, the organization reserves the right to create new penalties or alter existing ones if this is deemed necessary.

48. Once the final checkpoint at the finish line is closed each day, the event organization will publish a list of participants who made it to the finish line, which will include the time they took to do so, whether they incurred any penalties, and their finisher status (i.e. FINISHER or NON-FINISHER. At the same time, the general classification lists will be produced, accumulating times from the day’s stage with times from the previously completed stages. Any participant in DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB will be allowed to access this information.

49. If for any reason the timing system fails, totally or partially, the organization will decide at its discretion which appropriate solution is to be applied, such as using the tracking logs of GPS devices of each participant, as a backup.

50. If during the event, the passage through a timed section should be interrupted or impeded for some reason, the organization will decide at its discretion, which solution ought to be applied, such as using the tracking logs of the GPS devices of each participant, awarding participants average time values based on recorded times, cancelling a section, or another as-yet-undetermined option.

51. Competitive recognition in the form of podiums and prizes for stage or general classifications of Transpyr Gran Raid MTB are reserved to the participants in couple format (teams of two members, with the exception of the participants in the relay modality (Transpyr C2C Relay) and E-Bike modality). In order to establish the classification, either stage or general, the timed sections are added and the penalties (if any) are subtracted.

The first three teams in each category must attend the daily trophy ceremony. In the event that one of these teams does not attend the ceremony at the established time, it will have a penalty of 30 minutes in the time of the stage.

52. The teams of two members who dispute TRANSPYR (Deporvillage Transpyr Gran Raid MTB Team) will be ordered and distinguished according to the following categories:

Mixed Couple

Female couple

Male couple

Master * (The sum of the age of the two components (man or woman) on the first day of accreditation exceeds 80 years)

Grand Master* (The sum of the age of the two components (man or woman) on the first day of accreditation exceeds 100 years).

  • Note: to start any of these categories, it will be required that a minimum of five teams have been registered in it.

For the individual participants of Deporvillage Transpyr Gran Raid MTB Solo a “Special Criterium” will be proposed. At the end of seven stages a podium-style recognition will be organized for the first three man and women.  For this, the times from each chrono section will be summed up, and any penalties subtracted.

Participants at E-Transpyr C2C, Transpyr C2C Relay and Transpyr East or West are excluded.


53. Participants who abandon a stage must notify the organization as soon as possible. Failure to do so will mean a search and rescue operation is activated, whose costs will be borne by the participant.

54. The organization may compel a participant to abandon if they are not deemed to be in the proper physical conditions or deemed to not be respecting and complying with the points of these regulations, in spirit or in letter. In this case, the event organization is not liable to provide any service, transport or refund.

55. When a mishap (breakdown, injury, exhaustion, etc) prevents a team member from continuing, the other team member may continue, However, even in the case of a temporary abandonment, the right to appear as a Transpyr Team will be forfeited.

56. Following on from point 55, if both want, they have the option to continue, but in an out-of-ranking situation (without any competitive distinction or rights to prizes and rewards) either as a team, or as two individuals (obliged to rent a geolocator).

57. Following on from point 55, if only one cyclist continues, it will be as individual, in an out-of-ranking situation (without any competitive distinction or rights to prizes and rewards) and obliged to rent a geolocator from the event organization.

58. Any cyclist who remains in the event from a previously formed team may be considered a TRANSPYR FINISHER if they meet the requirements for this.

59. Any participant who has abandoned one day may join the stage on the subsequent day, accompanying the team members of their original team or with other cyclists, but will not be eligible to be considered a FINISHER of TRANSPYR and no longer be eligible for any competitive distinction or recognition (i.e. be a NON-FINISHER).

60. For reasons of logistics and liability, the organization cannot undertake the transfer of participants beyond what is required to address specific in-race events or definitive abandons, and transfers by the race organization must be limited to delivery of participants to the finish line of the stage in question.

61. Should any participant who decides to continue the event as a NON-FINISHER, arrive at a checkpoint after the last participant still in FINISHER contention (i.e. still in the race), will be removed from the stage, and transferred to the finish line by broom vehicle.

62. Participants who abandon TRANSPYR absolutely must inform the event organization, via the Race Office.


63. The event organization will consider a participant to be a FINISHER of TRANSPYR should they register official passage at all the necessary checkpoints, in all the stages, within the cut-off times established by the event organization, covering the totality of the planned route. It is therefore essential that each participant record their entire route undertaken during the event with a GPS device, to be checked by the race organization.


64. Each participant can raise an objection in case of perceived non-compliance with the rules by other participants or against the decisions of the organizer and/or the Sports Director, for up until one hour after the stage cut-off time. These objections must be made in person, at the Race Office, and require the registration or naming of one or several witnesses. A jury of three members (Sports Director, Event Director and another member specified at the discretion of the organizer) will hold consultations on the issue of the appeal and decide within 24 hours. The appeal fee is 50 Euros. This amount will not be reimbursed if the appeal is rejected. The aforementioned infractions contained in these regulations, which may be sanctioned at the discretion of the organization, are not an exhaustive list of other possible faults which may be sanctioned.


65. The organization is not responsible for events which might be caused by the participants or suffered by them during training for the event, or during the event, in that participants are solely responsible. Under no circumstances may a participant or a representative of theirs file a lawsuit against the event organization or any person or entity related to it.

66. The participant is solely responsible for their own behaviour and conduct, and assumes all risk, including in relation to third parties, which might come to pass by virtue of participating in this type of event, both in physical and mental terms, such as injuries from falls or other physical injuries, and expressly releases the organizer and any sponsor or collaborator, from any liability for any type of accident, incident, injury or other eventuality which could arise from participation in TRANSPYR.

67. In the event of an accident, the participants and their companions remain individually liable from all points of view: economic, civil and criminal.

68. Acceptance of these regulation implies that the participant authorizes the organizers to record all or part of their participation in TRANSPYR, and that these images or video can be used for the promotion and disseminated in all media and this of their partners (radio, press, video, photo, DVD, Internet, posters, media, among others, etc). The participant renounces all rights related to the commercial use of their image, as well as any right to receive any form of compensation; economic or otherwise.

69. The organization reserves the right to modify the present regulations, route, refreshments, distances and the dates of the event if this is considered necessary and / or for reasons of force majeure. The distribution of all information related to these changes would be via the official website (

70. At registration,  prior to the beginning of the event, each participant will sign an affidavit accepting these conditions, and the basis for registration, which will certify their full acceptance of all these points, including any later additions or annexes published between now and that date.


Nº ref.




Losing the plate number.

Payment of 5,00€


Losing or not returning the chip.

50,00€ / loss of deposit


Separation of more than 2minutes, in the case of teams.

1st time - Warning
2nd time – 60’ additional time
3rd time - obligatory use of geolocator


Refusal to hire the geolocator service.

Not permitted to ride that stage


Complete part of the route by means other than bicycle, without authorization of the organization.

Expulsion from the event


Not having the mandatory material, as determined by the organization or the specific material previously communicated, with refusal to acquire it off the organization.

  Not permitted to ride that stage


Not having the mandatory material during the stage.

1st time – 60’ additional time
2nd time – non finisher/disqualification
3rd time – expulsion from the event


Did not record or save the track/unable to demonstrate the journey made to the organization.

1st time – 60’ additional time
2nd time – non finisher/disqualification


Making reductions in the track, by using alternative routes, gaining some advantage.

1st time – non finisher/disqualification
2nd time – expulsion from the event


Accidentally not following the track (unintentionally, without clear advantage).

1st time - warning
2nd time - non finisher/disqualification
3rd time – expulsion from the event


Refusal to provide the GPS at the request of the organization.

Expulsion from the event


To have a disrespectful attitude towards the environment e.g. throwing inorganic remains (plastic, paper …), urinating close to refreshment stations, or other behaviors deemed unacceptable by the organization.

1st time - warning 60’ additional time
2nd time - expulsion from the event


 Not following the instructions of any accredited member of the organization.

1st time - warning
2nd time - non-finisher/disqualification
3rd time - expulsion from the event


Have disrespectful or aggressive attitudes towards members of the organization, or its partners.

Expulsion from the event


Not respecting the rules of the Spanish or French Traffic Code.

1st time - warning
2nd time - non-finisher/disqualification
3rd time - expulsion from the event


Disobeying the instructions of the official security bodies, such as the Local Police, Forestry Agents etc.

1st time - warning
2nd time – Expulsion from the event


Not showing up at the time designated by the organization, for the departure check of the stage.



Reaching the arrival of the stage later than the maximum scheduled time.



 Taking doping substances.

Expulsion of the event


 Using headphones during the route.

1st time - warning
2nd time - non-finisher/disqualification
3rd time - expulsion from the event


Cycle during a timed sector of the route accompanied by a cyclist not registered in the event.

1st time – 60’ additional time
2nd time – non finisher/disqualification
3rd time – expulsion from the event

71. The organization reserves the right to modify or extend the penalty table for the benefit of the participants and the correct development of the event, as well as making decisions on organizational issues that are not covered by the regulations.

72. A Sportive Management and Security Committee will be created, which will decide the penalty for infractions and will attend to claims.

73. From the organization, the possible penalties applied will be published daily.

Claims and appeals see TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB Regulations, point 64.

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